A few words about Elena

With passion and verve Elena as a French Chanson performer transports her audiences to a rich and storied place. She embodies the intense feelings that these beautiful old songs conjure up and she has even revived songs long forgotten in their native France. The heritage of the chanson is intensely passionate and when Elena sings the audience knows they are part of real experience, not an imitation of a past performance.

Elena was born in Russia, near Moscow in 1973. Her musicality and artistry appeared at a very early age and her mother ?a professional vocalist - became her first teacher. Elena studied acting and stage directing in Moscow and then the French language in France. During the four years Elena spent in France she completely fell in love with French Chanson. Once back in Moscow, she created a musical-theatrical one-woman show "My Love Edith Piaf" where she becomes the great French singer and sings her beloved songs. Elena has delighted the audiences of many countries with her remarkable gift , performing in Russia, South Korea, France, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.

Elena more recently developed another show which she calls "What Remains of our Love?" Within this new show box Elena demonstrates her talent and music mastery as she comes on stage in the guise of both men and women. It is difficult to say in which character her artistic charisma is brightest when she sings the songs of Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Barbara and other famous French chansonniers. Elena? powerful performance takes the audience from tears to laughter all the while held in the magical thrall of a French Chanson. Elena is currently working on new projects in both French and English.